The original Recording Officer who failed to correctly fill out his Mandatory Bonus Duty form, causing his briefing officer to blast his arm off as sanctioned punishment. As a result, he then had to find a way to carry around a two-handed recording device with one hand, while attempting to track the various treasons of his Troubleshooter group.

He was the only survivor of the transit to the Stealth Train as he resisted the mass suicide, and was subsequently rescued by IntSec from the rampage of Ashlerr-R-GPR-1. He was then safely transported to the Stealth Train where the mission began.

Over the course of the assignment he broke his other arm falling onto a train track, and then was re-assigned as Loyalty Officer. During a failed execution of Ashlerr-R-GPR-2, he broke one leg and then swiftly had the other one broken during Taretha-R-CAT-3’s failed medical attention. With his limbs broken he remained propped on a bench for the remainder of the mission with his team rallying to make sure he would survive, despite his protests.

For his sterling performance the Friend Computer deemed him excellent at his current clearance level, but gave him one day off for free time, where he was encouraged to “voluntarily” report for duty. Without medical attention.



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