Motivated and stylistic hacker


Taking over from Ashlerr-R-GPR-1, his clone immediately took charge of the situation to continue motivating his team to locate the Stealth Train, and then attempting to deny its existence despite “evidence” to the contrary. He continued to use his illegal hacking skills to further his team’s existence, and even managed to survive the false train’s explosion through his self-prolcaimed “dynamic leaping”.

His team never adjusted to his style of hacking, and he was re-assigned to Equipment Officer during Friend Computer’s confusion at assigning orders to people who were dead. He then proceeded to gather everyone’s guns for inspections so they could stop shooting him, and survived execution for hacking by forcing everyone to argue with themselves until Friend Computer got bored and stopped asking them to do so.

He was both remarkably successful and treasonous during this mission, and was therefore both promoted and demoted at its conclusion, thus remaining at RED clearance.



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